image-music-with-random-notesBack it up, back it up
Buddy or you’ll be shut down

 It can happen in a blip, we’re not trying to be snide
Running two apps viewing side to side
It’s a poor neglected laptop with Office Twenty thirteen
Revving up and shaking like a washing machine

 Flat lining processors, won’t equate
If I lose this data, I won’t celebrate
My server’s lights are clicking and starting to dim
I have no backup, this is really a sin

 …Gotta be smart, with IT support, here we go…

 If I’m not too smart, I’ll be let go
But with IT Radix Backup, things are starting to go
They’ve got a plan of action and just the right touch
My tethered data’s backed up like a Double Dutch

Hard disks on the floor, data starting to sync
And now forty gigs of data is keeping me pink
The boss is happy now, things went from rotten to good
I’ve got a full-image backup and life is good

 Back it up, back it up
Buddy or you’ll be shut down

By Ken Toumey

First published in our April 2014 IT Radix Resource newsletter