Olympic Rings and ITR ColorsLast year’s trivia question about the Ozzy Osbourne/Justin Bieber 2011 Super Bowl ad reminds us of something oh so true—technology changes fast…don’t get left behind! Technology advancements once considered a pipe dream are now becoming reality. Back in the 80’s the Internet was a novel concept never intended for corporate use but is now an integral part of our lives at both home and in the workplace. Likewise, pagers have been replaced with smartphones that even our tweens are carrying around. More recently, the onset of social media that initially was created just for fun has now become an important part of corporate advertising campaigns. How is one to keep abreast of new and improved technology? Training!

Continued education and training is a must for keeping up with rapidly changing technology. World-class Olympians are all too familiar with the importance consistent training has to their success. In a world where world records are being broken every day, Olympic athletes endure many hours of grueling training to keep ahead of their competition. After all, they are considered the best of the best!

How companies equip their employees to keep abreast of new technology is a growing concern for today’s successful businesses. One way our IT Radix team keeps ourselves sharp is through our biweekly tech training sessions where we take a deeper dive into a specific technical topic. Like doctors, we share real-life case studies to reinforce these concepts. Not just book knowledge, but real-world applications are shared. Sometimes an in-house expert shares their knowledge, and at other times we glean wisdom from industry experts. These training sessions are required of all of our techs and ensure consistency in how we implement technology in our clients’ unique environments.

Recognizing the importance ongoing training has to a business’ success, IT Radix is pleased to offer online training through Bigger Brains Computer College as an added benefit to some of our clients. Bigger Brains is focused on improving the productivity and skills of business professionals. Bigger Brains offers convenient, 10-minute online training modules that are available 24/7 and are accessible on a variety of devices—PC, Mac, or smartphone mobile devices. The beauty of Bigger Brains is that it offers training when YOU want it, and the short, 10-minute sessions make it conveniently easy to learn whenever your schedule permits. Online courses currently include Windows 8, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and QuickBooks Pro 2013.

If you are interested in learning how you can qualify for this added benefit, contact us today. So, get your head in the game and let the games begin!

 First published in our February 2014 IT Radix Resource newsletter