Got a computer problem?  Before reaching out to Tech Support, try these simple self-help tips:



  • Is the problem resolved by rebooting your computer? Rebooting computers restarts a lot of hidden services which your computer relies on.  Amazingly, a large percentage of errors are resolved by simply rebooting.
  • Are there any loose cables in back of your computer?
  • Are your computer lights on? Is there power?
  • Are any of your coworkers experiencing the same issue(s)? Is this an isolated or widespread problem?
  • Has anything been modified or upgraded on your computer since it last worked correctly? Frequently, software updates or the installation of a new program can adversely affect a computer.

Are you frustrated?  Don’t hesitate to call us.  Some helpful information to help us troubleshoot are:

  • The sequence of events leading up to the issue (e.g., what you were doing, what happened on the screen, did anything unexpected happen, and exact wording of any error messages).
  • Screen prints and/or utilizing the Snipping Tool are very helpful to determine the exact cause of the problem.
  • Alt+PrintScreen (captures the active window)
  • Ctrl+PrintScreen (captures the entire computer screen)

Never hesitate to give IT Radix a call.  We’re here to make IT work for you!