Stethoscope and emailShould an organization’s email “break” a couple of times a week?   When it breaks, should the IT provider point their finger at the web provider?   Between the times the email goes down and it is back up again, should emails be lost?     The answer to all of these questions is of course: NO!  

Providing solutions to such email problems is the first thing we’ve done for one of our newest clients: Dessau International.  They manufacture specialty synthetic and diamond tooling, precision diamond tools and CBN wheels – a high end, precision product line sold worldwide.  Orders come in via email, 24/7/365 from all over the globe. So lost email is lost business and is not acceptable. Also unacceptable is unresponsive support and finger pointing from an IT provider.

Dessau International engaged with IT Radix because we delivered on expectations:  being proactive, reliable, responsible and solution oriented.  We migrated their email to a cloud provider that offers the highest levels of uptime available and 100% guarantee of message continuity should any rare, unforeseen event occur.

At Dessau, their motto is:  Excellence, Integrity….First, Last, Always….  As these core values align with those of IT Radix, we expect this relationship to shine for long, long time!