image-race-startJoe Bellistri owns and manages Solution Fitness on Columbia Turnpike in Florham Park, New Jersey. He runs far more than a “gym. “ No he runs an organization which offers personal training experience dedicated to one thing:  getting results for clients.   Being results focused is just in Joe’s nature and this is why he reached out to IT Radix recently because he knew he would get the most professional results by working with our firm.  He had a list of tech issues he needed addressed:   Joe was expanding his business and needed to add a new laptop to his environment.  He wanted it done right, ensuring everything on the new machine accessed the same cloud database as his other devices. He also wanted to ensure all devices could easily assess his wireless all-in-one copier/printer scanner.   Joe wanted it done by professionals and wanted it to work so that for him – everything was EASY!  And that is exactly what we did.   IT Radix delivered the results Joe wanted.   You might want to learn more about Joe, Solution Fitness and the results they might be able to deliver for you. Check them out at: