image-successSometimes you need a Tech for a Day.  This is how IT Radix first started working with Vanguard Controls from Flanders, NJ.  Vanguard is a high tech firm offering a wide range of process measurement and control technologies for pharmaceutical, food, flavor, chemical and other industries.    This group of in-house and remote users had maintained their own computer networks for some time, but as technology became more complex and management time became scarcer, Vanguard Controls decided to invite one our Techs in for a day to address a number of issues and clean things up.    This is a great way some firms can take advantage of our highly professional expertise and services and Vanguard was smart to take advantage.  We recently spent a day at their facility and did a variety of changes to improve their operations, including:    improving the security level when their remote users connect in to the server, scanning all workstations and removing critical viruses and malware, installing some new equipment including a new router and new workstations.  Additionally we shared our expertise on some minor issues and guided the IT manager on how he could handle some minor issues more easily.   The folks at Vanguard Controls are terrific, we enjoyed working with them and look forward to being invited back when they need us.  To learn more about Vanguard Controls go to: