Our Reigning Geek-Ashleigh At IT Radix, we tend to be happy and celebratory so we tend to make a big deal out of a lot of fun holidays that most people miss or are not even aware of. One of those particularly dear to our hearts was celebrated last Monday, July 13 which was “Embrace Your Geekiness” Day. https://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/embrace-your-geekness-day/

For the past few years we have held an internal contest to determine our top Geek on our staff. And for three straight years, Ashleigh Boissonault, one of our technology engineers has won our top Geek award. Ashleigh has won many awards during her academic and business career, but just as an example of her level of geekiness, this is the one for which she is most proud. Note the picture of Ashleigh showing off some her Geek attire and accoutrements.

Here are some other fun facts about Ashleigh that support her reaching the Zenith of Geekdom!

  • She has a Dice Collection – 4 Geek Points

We are all thankful it is dice, not mice, but Ashleigh has quite the dice collection that is also pictured here. Dice is a game of chance, but Ashleigh never takes chances with the technology or network needs of any of our clients at IT Radix. She insists that it is a dice collection, not a die collection because that might confuse people with her collection of Lady Diana paraphernalia.

  • She plays Dungeons and Dragons – 3 Geek Points

She admits to playing which is fine, but admitting to be a member of a group that met once a week. Luckily Ashleigh never plays during business hours, she is too focused on her clients always bringing them and their networks up to the highest standards, never sending them downward!


  • She digs Super Heroes – 2 Geek Points

Ashleigh has a fondness for Captain America because he is the first Avenger and she likes the fact that he is so modest with his “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn” line. Ashleigh is also modest about her numerous abilities to help our clients overcome computer network issues and obstacles every day. She is one of our stars, in addition to being a Geek.

  • She has an extensive comic book collection – 7 Geek Points.

She collects them because she loves them and would never sell them even though a number of them are very valuable. Her favorite is a first edition Lady Pendragon with a gold foil cover. Ashleigh is seen by our clients to be a very valuable resource and we agree, in fact we think she is way more valuable than her comic book collection!

  • She has ranked her top 10 favorite episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – 30 Geek Points

About number one she says: “It’s the one where a demon basically compels the entire town into one big musical production. They sing and dance the whole episode. Cracks me up every time I see it.” – Season 6, Episode 7 (Everyone knows that, right?) Our clients certainly sing Ashleigh’s praises after she helps them slay all those bugs and other crazy things that can sometimes interfere with a well with new software and equipment.

  • She believes in Unicorns – 10 Geek Points

What else is there to say?

At IT Radix, we say our Geeks have personality and it is true. Ashleigh is just one of our IT professionals! We are all committed to delivering WOW service to our clients all the time. And we are always happy to let our personalities shine through. Give us a call or a try and you will see!