July is here, so summer-timeit is now more than officially Summer!  The temperature and humidity levels are higher.   Many of us are enjoying as much beach, sun, pool, hiking, amusement parks, fairs and other summer fun as possible.  We sneak away from work early to enjoy the extra hours of sunlight or we hit the road for some well earned vacation time.  But with our need to “stay connected” 24/7/365 many of us bring along our smartphones, tablets, cameras and even laptops everywhere we go during the summer – even to the beach or pool.    Here are a few tips to help your electronics to enjoy the summer as much as you do!

Water is A No No!

  • Simply stated, water and electronics do not mix.   So secure your electronics away from any chance of being exposed to water in any form.  A Smartphone hit by an innocent splash of water from kids playing in the pool can sustain as much damage as one taking a full dip in the deep end!   So, wrap electronics tightly and securely in Ziploc bags whenever they are near a water source, or even exposed to high humidity.   If an item does come in contact with water, take a deep breath and DO NOT turn it on!   Open it up; remove batteries, SIM cards and such. Then drain as much liquid as possible and place all exposed parts in a big baggie of uncooked rice for 48 hours.   Find some other way to connect for the next two days!

Where the Sun Don’t Shine!

  • 93 million miles away is still not far enough to keep sunlight from doing some damage to your electronics.     So unless you are using your Kindle or other device, keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible.  Also consider using a clear screen protector to protect not just against sunlight but also bits of sand and dirt.
  • Heat from the sun is also a huge concern.  Electronics are easily damaged when exposed to high heat. They can shut down and lose data – no one needs that.  Do not leave electronics in a hot car either. Severe heat exposure in a hot vehicle can do severe damage to any electronics.  So do not use them when they are overheated. Try to find some shade and consider using a cooling pad.   If they do overheat, do not turn them on or expose them to sever cold immediately. Remove them from heat, allow them to gradually cool. Give them some time to find a “normal” temperature. Then you can turn them on.

Cover Up!

  • While you are enjoying all the hot bodies around the pool in their latest swim wear, yours is not the only thing whose temperature is rising. So too is that of the electronics you brought along.  So be sure your electronics are covered up.  A foam neoprene cover is usually available for most devices and its wetsuit-like material is designed to conduct heat far less efficiently than natural fibers.

Beware the Sands of Time!

  • Sunlight, high temperatures, water are all summer risks to electronics gear, but do not forget about the damage that can come about due bits and grits of sand and dirt that can easily find their way to lodge themselves in your equipment.  Scratches and dents can be caused by these things so they can mar the exterior. But sand and dirt can also find their way inside and cause much more damage. So try to keep your gear covered up either in Ziploc or in a cover designed for it…and maybe both!   If dirt and sand do become a problem, do not wipe them away. The safest and smartest way to scare them all away is using a canister of compressed air.


  • While you are enjoying all your summer fun while on vacation, be sure not to let your home based electronics back at the ranch take all the heat.    Resist the temptation to turn the A/C at home off.   Temperatures can easily rise at home and do damage to your desktop and other home based devices.  So, set the A/C thermostat to a high of 80 degrees and your gear at home will stay happy while you are away and be ready to work when you get home!

Have fun, enjoy all that summer has to offer and if you need any help to stay connected, please reach out to us at IT Radix.