We are pleased to announce that the New Jersey State Golf Association is now one of the newest clients of IT Radix.  This nonprofit organization can trace its origins back to 1900 and now boasts over 250 members.  It is dedicated to the service of golf in the State of New Jersey and its activities promote and preserve the traditions of golf all over the state. With a staff of just ten, The NJSGA accomplishes a great deal each year–running over 22 state championship competitions, rating courses all over the state, providing computerized handicapping services to member facilities, running two foundations (one focused on Caddie Scholarships and another focused on providing youth golf and sports related programs to the youth of New Jersey).  And that is just a sampling!    

The New Jersey State Golf Association came to IT Radix because the services they were getting from another firm were sub-par – with extended service call-back times, lots of spam, difficulty running a customer relationship marketing software program and very slow computers.  IT Radix has helped the Association in a number of ways including upgrading the server, taking their email to the cloud and improving their in-house WiFi.  In addition, the New Jersey State Golf Association has signed on with us as a managed services client.  We like to think of ourselves as their caddy, carrying their “technology bag of clubs”, ensuring everything in their technology environment is bright, shiny and ready for play!  More information about NJSGA click here.