image-staying-coolHeritage Refrigeration is a client that recently became part of the IT Radix family.  They provide the highest quality air conditioning and refrigeration services to a host of clients in Northern New Jersey.  Our client at Heritage was a very self sufficient professional who needed our help as he moved the office from one location to another.  But as often happens when we listen to the needs of business owners, we found that we could help Heritage in a variety of ways beyond moving a server and workstations. In fact, we helped Heritage identify an optimal phone system for their new location that saved them money and enhanced their business communications.  Additionally, Heritage Refrigeration decided that being self sufficient doesn’t always mean taking on all the tasks involved with professional level IT management.  So they decided to join us as a managed services client,  IT Radix is now monitoring their network and doing proactive maintenance to ensure that things are always “cool” at Heritage Refrigeration in Fairfield, NJ.