image_video_circleOn April 26th, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo a few days early with Grey Sky Films.  They shared with us some tips for spicing up your marketing using video.  We thought we’d recap them here:

Tip #1 Company Overview video – Use video to tell your story.  Tour your facilities, show your products being created or in use, introduce us to your service team.  People love to see and touch things and video can really help you do that more effectively than basic copy-writing on a web page or brochure.

Tip #2 Testimonial videos – Spotlight your raving fans.  Nothing creates better credibility that a client speaking about how great your products and services are. 

Tip #3 Promotional videos – Advertise your special events.  You can more easily share your excitement and enthusiasm about your event on video.

Tip #4 Spotlight videos – Highlight a specific case study or service using video.  Show your services in action with a particular client to help people imaging using your services too.

Tip #5 Instructional video – Educational videos can give you instant credibility.  When you share what you know, people see that you not only are you knowledgeable but you’re the best choice to help them when the need arises.

Tip #6 Viral / Social videos – Use these types of video to get attention!  Not everything is going to go viral; however, from a social aspect, it allows people to get a glimpse of your personality, approach and what it might feel like to work with you.

There are just a few of the great tips they shared.  Grey Sky Films has their own Lunch’n’Learn coming up on 7/24 where you can learn more about using YouTube.