On Thursday, I had a morning networking event that was located on my way to our office.  It was early and I was pretty much driving on auto-pilot.  As a result, I drove right past my meeting venue following my usual route to the office.  As I passed the hotel, I realized too late that I had missed my turn.  So, I proceeded to go to the next intersection and make a U-turn New Jersey style using the jug handle.  As I turned left to go back to the hotel, the truck to my left swung wide and almost took out my car.  It occurred to me that if I had been paying better attention, none of this would have happened or been necessary.
It’s much the same with maintaining computers.  Too many of us turn on the auto-pilot or the automatic updates and don’t pay attention to what’s actually happening.  Did the updates actually install?  Is my anti-virus protection still running? Did my backup last night complete successfully? That’s where IT Radix’s managed plans really shine.  We don’t rely on the automatic processes and assume everything is working properly.  We have a tech manually reviewing what’s going on.  Whether it’s the daily backup or the weekly patch updates, we verify that the automatic processes are running properly.  It’s more labor intensive and therefore, sometimes more expensive but we feel it’s worth it.  In today’s busy world, we give our clients the peace of mind that IT Radix is watching their backs and ensuring that their computers are up and running when they need it most.  Want the same peace of mind?  Give IT Radix a call!