Here’s some less common but still very useful keyboarding shortcuts.

Function keys: Press one of these keys at the top of your keyboard to quickly perform an action

  • F1: Open the Help page or window
  • F2: Rename an object (e.g., file in Windows Explorer)
  • F3: Find
  • F4: Shows the address bar in Windows Explorer
  • F5: Refreshes the page
  • F6: Moves to a different panel or screen element in a window or the desktop
Take a screenshot: Useful for pasting an image of your desktop or a certain program and sending to tech support
  • ALT+Print Screen: Capture a screenshot of a window
  • CTRL+Print Screen: Capture the entire screen/desktop
Windows 7 User?  Checking out the Snipping Tool for nifty screen shots too.   You can even mark the screen capture up.