SPAM is more than just a nuisance—something that clogs up your inbox and wastes your precious time. SPAM is also a tool used on a daily basis to steal your identity. Learn how to prevent SPAM, and you will learn how to prevent identity theft. Every year there are an estimated 40 trillion SPAM emails delivered. While some of these trillions of emails are just mere annoyances, SPAM used by identity thieves are loaded with malware that can take over your computer, capture your information and steal your identity.

Preventing identity theft isn’t impossible…it just takes effort and staying informed. Follow these 5 tips to help avoid SPAM and prevent identity theft:

Tip #1
Don’t open any email if you don’t recognize the sender
Resist the urge…click “delete” to purge

Tip #2
Don’t click on the links in SPAM email messages
You never know what’s lurking at the other end.

Tip #3
Disguise your email address on your website
Never put your address in plain text on your site. Spiders that crawl sites scrape email addresses and send you SPAM. Trick the spiders by changing your email address. For example, instead of: [email protected] , type: Jane Smith At Gmail Dot Com

Tip #4
Don’t pass SPAM emails along
You know those emails you get that tell you to forward them along to the “10 most important people in your life”? This is one way spammers harvest email addresses.

Tip #5
Use a “junk” email address every time you join a group or register for something on the Internet
You can get an unlimited number of free email addresses from Gmail or Yahoo, and it saves you from having your “real” email address scraped by spiders.

Learning how to prevent identity theft is an ongoing process…preventing SPAM can help!