I have a gratitude journal that I keep by my bedside that I reach for on nights when I’ve had a hard day.  Sometimes I add to the list, sometimes I simply review old entries as it reminds of all the good things in my life.
As I’m preparing for Thanksgiving, it struck me that I should add technology to my list and here are my reasons why:
  • IT has opened my world to so many places and people.  Just as television brought events from across the world into our homes, computers and the Internet have opened even more opportunities to learn and share from others.  Granted you need to take the source of the information with a grain of salt, but it’s absolutely incredible the amount of information that is available at our fingertips.  I enjoy stumbling upon new things on a daily basis that I would have never known existed without the Internet.  What have you stumble upon recently that was quite simply, cool?
  • IT allows me to be more “earth-friendly”. I save paper and ink by emailing or reviewing things online instead of printing everything. I save gas by working from home or participating in virtual conferences. I’m still looking for a good solar powered charger…..
  • IT keeps me in touch with my friends and family who are all over the world.  When we were in Russia for Alex’s adoption, I was able to easily spread the good news by a few simple keystrokes on my cell phone using instant messaging.  Now, sometimes I think “being connected” has gone a bit too far.  But if my 89 year old grandmother can email me a joke so that we can share laugh, then being connected using technology is a good thing in my book.
  • IT saves me time and money.  I use technology to keep me organized (think calendar, to do lists, contact lists, etc.).  Using the Internet, I can search and compare products and services without lots of phone calls or unnecessary driving around.  Added bonus, I can order just about anything and have it shipped to my door!
  • IT gives me a way out.  Nothing ends an unproductive conversation as effectively as a weak call signal or one you replicate by repeatedly flicking the mute button on your mobile phone and saying frantically, “I can’t hear you.”

All technology aside, what am I really grateful for?  Those of you that trust us to make all the computers and gadgets work the way they are supposed to!