I just returned from a combination business trip and vacation. And while I might prefer to reflect on my vacation; today I thought I’d share with you what I learned from my business trip.

I went to Orlando, Florida to participate in a ConnectWise Partner Summit. First you may be wondering, What is ConnectWise? If you’re a client, you’ve experienced a small portion of ConnectWise–our service tickets. But it is much more to us than just service management–it’s helps us manage all our relationships with clients, prospects, suspects, vendors and business partners. It allows us to operate more efficiently, measure and track our results, and helps us implement process improvements. I learned a lot at the summit and over the next few months our clients will be seeing some changes that we feel will allow us to deliver even better service and use client feedback to drive that process.

Some of the other benefits included getting meet and talk with our competitors, yes competitors–some from our own backyard to others across the country, to see how they are helping their clients, what solutions they are offering, and evaluate if we should consider integrating some of the lessons learned into our IT service delivery.

Finally, I got to hear from industry experts their thoughts about trends in technology such as cloud computing, technology-as-a-service and much more. Perhaps you’re wondering how these impact your business or quite simply what are they. I’ll do my best with the help of the rest of the IT Radix team to educate our clients and potential clients on these topics and more. Got something on your mind, email me or post a comment here. I’d love to know what you’re interested in.

Until my next post, i wanted to give a big thanks to my clients and especially the IT Radix team for letting me take time out to think about our business and more importantly, rest, relax, and spend some time with my family.