Last week I attended a seminar about social media in the workplace. In particular, they discussed social media on two fronts – the first was tools to manage and monitor your social media activities and the second was to discuss the potential legal pitfalls of social media in the workplace.

As the rise in social media has occurred, here at IT Radix, we’ve been asked to assist our clients in limiting the use of social media at the workplace. For example, we’ve had to block employee access to sites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and more. Blocking access to these sites is typically done via the corporate firewall but often, it’s not a one-size fits all type of solution. One of our clients is actively using social media to promote their business but this responsibility is limited to select individuals within the company. We’ve had to work together to come up with a technical solution that allows users to appropriately use social media at work.

While this does limit the use of social media at a company, it does not fully address the pitfalls of social media. IT Radix strongly encourages our clients to work with us, their attorneys and their HR department on their policies regarding social media and any technical solutions put in place to enforce them.

I found this post on the Internet very pertinent when it comes to getting the big picture of some the legal pitfalls of social media.

Legal Pitfalls of Online Social Media

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