Improve your PowerPoint skills with these tips

Office workers are far too familiar with slideshow presentations that are either more soporific than cough medicine or are horrible time sinks that make them miss their deadlines. To avoid becoming the next target of their ire and resentment — and perhaps become the presenter everyone actually enjoys — here are some tips on how […]

Enhance your next Powerpoint presentation

Many suffer from glossophobia, the fear of public speaking. Reasons vary, from traumatic childhood experiences to the inability to imagine your co-workers in their underwear. Enter Microsoft PowerPoint. This program helps visually depict a presentation, whether it be for a class project or a boardroom meeting, or to convince parents to buy your first car.

Office 365 gets an upgrade!

Did you know that Microsoft’s Office 365 platform provides updates to their online components once every quarter? This is quite impressive because as an end user, you’ll be able to enjoy a more feature-rich and intuitive experience with your cloud productivity suite without having to manually install the updates yourself.

Images to Power Up Your PowerPoint

Recently, the team at IT Radix shared with its clients and friends tips and techniques to Power Up Your PowerPoint.  Check out some action shots on our Facebook page here.

As part of the event, we referenced some sites where to find amazing images to enhance your slides and we’re pleased to share the list here:

As a reminder, we encourage you to always read the license and usage agreements for each site!

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