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Microsoft 365 Backups

Did you know? IT Radix and Microsoft recommends you have a third-party backup of your Microsoft 365 data.

microsoft 365 backups Don’t risk losing your Microsoft 365 data… get cloud-to-cloud Microsoft 365 Backups today!
  • Back Up Your Exchange Mailboxes — Automatically back up Exchange mailboxes, contacts, and calendars so you can recover the exact data you want quickly and easily.
  • Ransomware Protection and Backup of Your OneDrive and SharePoint Data — Protect OneDrive data and SharePoint sites, libraries, lists, and documents including permissions and metadata.
  • Total Peace of Mind — Your data is protected and secure, eliminating risks associated with staff leaving and the need to recover data/email beyond the Microsoft 30-day retention period.

Special Offer: 10% off on setup charges through 3/31/24

Through the end of the year, we are offering our clients 10% off on setup charges for Microsoft 365 Backups! Sign up below!

Special Offers

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