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security stackIT Radix's Advanced Security Stack Solutions Are Vital to Your Company's Security

The emergence of cloud computing, widespread internet access and the growing remote workforce has caused tremendous growth in cybercrime. In the past, IT security was about protecting hardware and key data. Today, it is about protecting the organization from ruin—the stakes are that high. Threats are increasing. In fact, an unbelievable 9 out of 10 organizations worldwide experienced phishing attempts last year. Security experts say only 5 out of 100 companies are properly protected.

9 out of 10 organizations worldwide experienced phishing attempts last year. Security experts say only 5 out of 100 companies are properly protected.

The IT Radix security regimen is expanding to ensure our managed services clients are shielded appropriately. The tactic is a layered/stacked approach of security applications that include the following:

  • Updates. Software and hardware are updated regularly to address issues that might be exploited by malware or hackers. We test patches and updates first and then roll out to our clients.
  • DNS Cleansing. This enhanced network security service prevents users at the network level from going to malicious website URLs found in emails and websites.
  • Anti-Virus. This keeps a keen eye and scans all files that might enter a network or a PC and stops any that might have malicious content.
  • Application Whitelisting. This guarantees that only applications approved by the network administrator run on a machine. Additionally, it ensures the whitelisted software can only access appropriate resources. Both techniques prevent any weaponized software from executing.
  • EDR (Extended Detection and Response). EDR observes all activities on a machine and/or network and spots unauthorized functions in real time to keep things secure. It does this using a variety of techniques. One technique places “canaries” that are attractive to hackers on a machine or network.  If engaged, the canary alerts network administrators who can take appropriate action. EDR also leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to review multiple alert and log feeds as well as user behavior to evaluate and identify threats. When a threat is detected, the host can be isolated from the rest of the network to limit and/or contain the spread.

Cybersecurity is a dynamic subject of paramount importance to IT Radix and its clients. This system works well, but technology is not the only solution.

Since 95% of all cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error, staff cybersecurity training and testing is imperative. Fill out the form on the left for a FREE Cybersecurity Audit today!

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