We Give Back to Our Community

We Give Back
New IT Radix team members quickly discover what sets us apart from their previous work environments… and that’s how our team lives out the core value of “Giving Back.”

Inspired by Cathy, the entire staff believes in supporting our community in various ways:  a percentage of our annual profit is donated to employee-selected, non-profit organizations; donations are made to organizations of our client’s choice through our Referral Rewards program; an annual food drive is sponsored for the Interfaith Food Pantry; year-round collections of recyclable technology are donated to Green Vision (a program that teaches individuals with developmental disabilities how to properly dismantle and recycle unwanted electronics); and our team members participate in sports programs for disabled veterans.

The Race to 5G Wireless Internet

Here at IT Radix, we’re no strangers to giving back. In fact, it’s one of our most important company core values! From our semiannual e‑waste recycling drives to food pantry collection events, to fundraising 5K runs that benefit causes like breast cancer research or our client, local not-for-profit agency JBWS. Another race we’ve been keeping our eye on… the race to 5G. You’ve probably heard the term, but the reality is that the race itself is far less important than what we reach at the finish line.

The People Side of Cybersecurity

Your Employees Are Key to Your Company’s Cybersecurity
The list of key software and hardware devices and tools that today’s security-conscious organizations are applying against the threat of network breaches can go on and on...

…Firewalls, Anti-Virus, Multi-Factor Authentication, Backups, Encryption, White-Listing, Access Limitations, Strong Passwords, Virtual Private Networks, Open DNS, Spam Filtering, Guest Wireless Networks, Anti-Malware, Mobile Device Management, Sandboxing, Surveillance Monitoring, Anti-Keylogging.

You Can Count on Us to Make Sound Business Decisions!

We Make Sound Business Decisions
Every day, each of us at IT Radix are faced with making a host of decisions—some for internal purposes and some directly for clients.  While our approach to all decision making is built around our core values of “Clients First” and “WOW Service” …we include “Sound Business Decisions” on its own as another one of our Core Values.

Are You a High-Risk Business for Cyberattacks?

Medical, Banking and E-Commerce Industries are Hot Targets for Cyberattacks
Every organization at one time or another thinks “it will not happen to us,” but almost every organization is a target for cyberattacks from nefarious elements. Data breaches, phishing offenses, malware downloads, ransomware attacks are all on the rise across the board.