Key Learnings from the Big Hack Attacks of 2014

Sony, Home Depot, Target.    All are big companies with huge market value, large customer databases, strong brand names and plenty of budget to spend on data security.  The same cannot be said for organizations in the small business community.   But are there lessons from these breaches that can provide learning to the owner or manager of a small business?  Yes, there certainly are.

Always have a set of spare keys

Recently, we visited a new prospect who was interested in our services. We spent a few minutes with the controller discussing the issues and opportunities he was facing with their computer network. We identified and discussed a number of issues: network speed, age of equipment, problems with emails, printers/scanners not working, the server going down on occasion and finally the poor support they received from the existing outside IT support firm.

Service firm counts on IT Radix for Technology Services

Kevin Cordell, CEO and Owner of Madison Management Services, LLC is an adept and skilled business manager with a track record of success and a host of experience in a variety of industries and roles.  However, Kevin will tell you that networking technology is not one of them and when he needs guidance, he seeks the highest level of outside expertise.