Walkabout to Talk About Technology

We may not hail from down under (Australia), but our techs are going “walkabout.” Have you ever wanted some advice on how to use the software that you and your staff use every day better or more effectively? If you’re like most people you are using a fraction of your software’s benefits and features.

Enhancing the Technology and Security at Top-Tier Event and Meeting Planning Firm

The East West Connection is a Pittstown, New Jersey, based meeting and event company founded in 1990 by Ralph D. Weaver, a 23 year veteran of the public relations and communications fields. East West delivers exceptional meetings worldwide for a host of clients including seven operating units of top Fortune 100 pharmaceutical companies.

Build a Strong Foundation with a Management and Support Plan

A foundation, in most cases, is virtually invisible to the eye when one passes by a building. Even to the people who inhabit the building, whether living in it or working in it, the foundation is often never even contemplated. But without it, there is nothing to build on, nothing to support the edifice, and no base.

IT Security Tip #3: How to foil ransomware

Quick Tip: Having a full, daily backup is the secret to foiling ransomware (even at home)!

Why: Not too long ago, ransomware, like the CryptoLocker virus, was all over the news, reportedly infecting well over a quarter million computers in 90 days (The real numbers are probably MUCH higher). The threat was fairly straightforward: Pay us or we’ll delete all your data.

24/7 Business Raises its Standards by Choosing IT Radix

One of our newest clients is a seasoned executive who recently came into the family business after a long career in a corporate environment. This manager quickly found that state-of-the-art practices designed to enhance productivity and heighten security for the company’s data and technology were not in place.

IT Radix Updating and Securing Hardware at Top Tier Communications Firm

We are pleased to welcome Adalex Communications to our growing roster of clients. Since 1997, Adalex has been helping organizations take advantage of various communications technologies—from phone systems offering unified communications, to VoIP and video conferencing as well as video surveillance and secure access.

IT Security Tip #2: How to spot a phishing email

Quick Tip: Type website names directly into your browser for any “phishy” offer delivered by email. That way you do not give away your log in information or download a virus.

Why: A phishing email is a bogus email carefully designed to look like a legitimate request (or attached file) from a site you trust in an effort to get you to willingly give up your login information to a particular web site or to click and download a virus.

Technology Helps Organizations Help Others

IT Radix is all about helping our clients to be more successful. One of our newest clients, Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of New Jersey (PLAN/NJ) is all about helping people with differing abilities to live a good life. So this is a good match! Established more than 25 years ago, this New Jersey based not-for-profit organization provides life planning services for more than 800 New Jersey residents with a variety of disabilities.