Put an “air bag” around your computer network

Would you let your son or daughter get into a car and drive away without fastening their seat belts?  Would you let your husband or wife buy a new car that did not have air bags?    Would you think nothing of going off on a long trip knowing that your front tires are bald or your brakes are in dire need of replacement?    The answers to all those questions are obvious:  Of course you would not!  A reasonable man or woman would certainly not.

Golf Association avoids tech “hazards” by teaming up with IT Radix

We are pleased to announce that the New Jersey State Golf Association is now one of the newest clients of IT Radix.  This nonprofit organization can trace its origins back to 1900 and now boasts over 250 members.  It is dedicated to the service of golf in the State of New Jersey and its activities promote and preserve the traditions of golf all over the state.

Religious order relies on more than Faith and Hope when it comes to IT Support

IT Radix is very pleased to welcome the New Jersey Order of the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth to its growing roster of clients.    This large community of nearly 75 Nuns is an assemblage of incredible women who have committed their entire lives to education, health care and pastoral/social services by serving individuals throughout northern New Jersey.