I Want It All (and, I Want It Now!)—Computers, Servers and More, That Is…

Almost 30 years ago, Queen recorded a big hit named “I Want It All.”  We were reminded of that song when we first met with one of newer clients—a small consulting firm specializing in the civil, highway and traffic engineering industry.  Founded in 2007, this New Jersey based firm has grown dramatically and has gotten to the point where they needed to dramatically upgrade their infrastructure so that they could implement new business software, and enhance their security and productivity, while meeting their large governmental clients’ security and compliance needs.

How Curated IT Solutions Can Help You Reach Your Long-Term Goals

The opportunity to partner with our clients and provide IT Support to help them step into their full potential is a passion of mine at IT Radix.  Over the years, we’ve watched one professional services and strategic planning company grow and branch out into a truly reputable consulting firm.

The Importance of Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning

Our newest client came to us after she had purchased an existing business, an independent and owner-operated insurance agency.  The agency was well established, having been in business for more than 30 years.  A “deliberately” small agency, they pride themselves on bringing a unique level of experience, expertise and personal involvement to their clients.

Empowering Our Clients and Partners Around the Clock and Around the World

At IT Radix we take pride in empowering our clients to have the greatest impact they can. A medical startup reached out to us with a great idea and a serious need for a custom IT solution. Since their entire business model was based around the idea of a virtual office, they needed their cyber-work environment constructed from the ground up; and they needed it done fast.

Green Vision’s Small Business Partner of the Year Award

We are honored to have been awarded Green Vision’s Small Business Partner of the Year for our participation in their electronics recycling program.  While we are honored, the real winners are the students that actively participate in this program.  Green Vision provides a supported work environment to adolescent students and adults with Autism.

IT Radix Gives Back to Community (Play for Your Freedom)

At IT Radix we look up to our veterans and strongly believe in giving back to our community.  In fact, it is one of our core values.

As part of our 10-Months of Giving Back program, IT Radix had a bit of fun with our veterans and participated in a fitness program for “Play for Your Freedom,” a non-profit organization that provides monthly wellness workshops to better the lives of local hospitalized veterans.

Remote Workers – Enabling Your Technicians Via Office 365 and the Cloud

Enable remote workers using cloud technology
An existing client recently referred a company to us who is in the business of measuring temperatures through remote-sensing thermometers. It’s a specialized technology that services a host of industries for whom accuracy and ease of use of these types of products are critical to the bottom line.

Farewell to Our Summer Interns

We had two awesome summer interns, Alyssa and Colin.  Alyssa is majoring in Human-Centered Computing at the Rochester Institute of Technology and Colin is a Business Analytics and Information Technology Major at Rutgers University.  Both were bright, energetic and fit right in with our quirky team.