Service firm counts on IT Radix for Technology Services

Kevin Cordell, CEO and Owner of Madison Management Services, LLC is an adept and skilled business manager with a track record of success and a host of experience in a variety of industries and roles.  However, Kevin will tell you that networking technology is not one of them and when he needs guidance, he seeks the highest level of outside expertise.

IT Radix celebrates National Cheesecake Day

You probably know that at IT Radix, we celebrate some unique holidays, such as we did today, National Cheesecake Day.    This link purports to have the perfect cheesecake recipe.    When we look at the recipe, it reminds us of the recipe for the perfect computer and information technology network.

Who’s the geekist of them all?

At IT Radix, we tend to be happy and celebratory so we tend to make a big deal out of a lot of fun holidays that most people miss or are not even aware of. One of those particularly dear to our hearts was celebrated last Monday, July 13 which was “Embrace Your Geekiness” Day.