Put an “air bag” around your computer network

Would you let your son or daughter get into a car and drive away without fastening their seat belts?  Would you let your husband or wife buy a new car that did not have air bags?    Would you think nothing of going off on a long trip knowing that your front tires are bald or your brakes are in dire need of replacement?    The answers to all those questions are obvious:  Of course you would not!  A reasonable man or woman would certainly not.

Protect Your Business – 5 Easy Things You Can Do Now

Let’s face it, bad things happen.  Since September is National Disaster Preparedness month, it’s a good time to “brush up” on some simple things you can do to protect your business.

Review your business insurance.  Make sure you have sufficient coverage to replace all of computer equipment, electronic devices and the like in your office.

3 Important Things to Check on Your Computer Network After Hurricane Sandy

As many of you are returning to business as usual we would strongly recommend a quick but thorough check of your internal IT systems.  In particular, we recommend: 

Hurricane Sandy from Space

Verifying your backups are working properly by doing an actual restore
Reviewing your server error logs, especially the Windows System log and the hardware manufacturer logs, for any potential hardware problems that may be lurking as a result of inconsistent power or hard server shutdowns
Testing your power strips and UPS units to ensure that they are still able to protect your computer equipment through future power events.

4 Simple Things To Do Before Hurricane Sandy Hits

“Be prepared” is the boy scout motto.  However, Hurricane Sandy is upon us and perhaps you’re not as ready as you’d like. Here are 4 simple things you can do today to prepare your computer network for the upcoming storm.

Verify your Backups are Working Properly
If you’re a managed service client, IT Radix does this for you on a regular basis and we’ll be doing an extra special check this weekend.