Stop Wasting Time on IT

I’m always on the lookout for ways to make things more efficient – be it technology or just around the home. Last Friday I working on a client’s PC and they had over 10 unnecessary programs auto-launching when their computers were starting….no wonder they were complaining that the computer was running slow!

It’s a good idea to periodically review the programs that automatically start when your computer.

Taking IT on the Road

Our recent newsletter talks about taking our technology on the road – we offered a few suggestions on what to take as well how to be safe, but wait, there’s more….here’s more tips to ensure your PC or Mac is ready for its summer road trip.
• Remember, there is no such thing as privacy when you’re on a Public network.

Facing IT, Facebook that is

I spent a few hours this morning creating IT Radix's company Fan page on Facebook. At the moment it's pretty basic but we plan to add information over time.

The first thing I struggled with was how whether I should attempt to maintain a separate personal Facebook account from a company Facebook account.