This year we went full steam ahead on a sustainability journey. As a team, we brainstormed ways to make our day-to-day functions more sustainable. Here are some of the small changes we implemented in‑house:

  • We encouraged staff to bring in packaging materials from deliveries they received at home so we could re‑use. We took it one step further by creating stickers for our outgoing packages to remind clients to do the same.
  • We installed an energy efficient dishwasher in our kitchen to reduce the amount of water consumption.
  • We purchased reusable dishes and other eating essentials to cut down on our use of paper plates and plastic cutlery.

We are more than satisfied with the first steps in our goal of making our office more environmentally friendly! Do you have more business sustainability suggestions? let us know here.

First published in our November 2023 IT Radix Resource newsletter