Make Security Your Next Home Project

Make Security Your Next Home Project

Hackers know where the weak link is to get access to corporate datathe home network

During these trying times, many of us are diving into hobbies as a way to keep our sanity.  Senior IT Consultant, Mike Oster, took to his garage in 2020 to finish some woodworking and home improvement projects.  With the increase in working from home, Mike’s next project will be optimizing his home network security.  The router the cable company dropped off when they installed the internet years ago just isn’t cutting it anymore.  For most of us, it’s probably time to do the same and invest in a proper firewall for our homes. We need something that will not only keep us secure but will also keep up with the ever-increasing reliance on our home internet connections.

The new work-from-home workforce is a very enticing target for today’s cybercriminals.  These hackers know where the weak link is to get access to corporate data—the home network.  A proper, business-class firewall will help close that gap and keep things secure.

Home Network Security Risks

Think about all the devices you have connected to your home network—TVs, game consoles, doorbells, lights, thermostats, and the list goes on.  Any of these devices could be an entry point into your home network and, in a work-from-home environment, your office.  A firewall will not only help secure these devices but would allow you to separate your work environment from the rest of your home, helping keep your office and company private data secure.

So, maybe your next home improvement project should not be a new floor in the mud room.  Maybe it should be some added network security.  Not sure where to start…contact IT Radix today.

First published in our February 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter