“As much as most of us go on and on about improving ourselves, our work and our businesses, we’re usually pretty afraid of actually receiving any feedback. But with the right structure, support and mindset, feedback doesn’t have to be a boogeyman—it can be an essential tool to further your success.” (Forbes 12/2018)

That’s certainly what we believe at IT Radix. And we’ve implemented a new client feedback system to help us improve ourselves—but we need some help from you, our client, to make it work.

Studies show that feedback needs to be easy and routine. We’d love to get consistent regular feedback from you about our work. Our approach is a simple, one-click feedback email for each of your completed service requests.

You have probably already seen our “feedback faces.” Each face matches how you feel about the work our Technical Consultant did to assist you: Delightful, Good or We Need to Talk. Click the face that matches your feedback…and, if you have another minute…use the options available to give us more information. We love your comments, suggestions AND critiques!

We’re using your feedback to improve services for you, reward our team, and ultimately, to invest in your success.

At IT Radix, Clients First is our #1 Core Value! We understand that feedback is what it’s all about, and we are committed to listening and taking action.

Contact IT Radix here and let us know how we’re doing!

First published in our August 2019 IT Radix Resource newsletter