image-itr-hollywood-squaresThe Hollywood Squares ranked No. 7 in TV Guide’s list of the 60 greatest game shows ever.  What an honor for a glorified tic-tac-toe game!  A favorite, long-standing cast member, Paul Lynde, occupied the coveted center square for a total of 742 episodes from 1966-1979.  Lynde’s witty, wisecracking one-liners made him one of the game show’s favorite and funniest cast members.

One cannot help but compare the similarities of the 3×3 grid of The Hollywood Squares set with many of the current videoconferencing displays of today.  Videoconferencing adds a critical “human” layer to the typical conference call by allowing participants the ability to see each other and reap the benefits of face-to-face interaction.  Today’s trend towards a remote workforce means there’s a real need to bring people together on a regular basis in an efficient, productive and cost-effective manner.  According to industry research, 75% of senior management agreed that online video conferencing will replace conference calls in the future as the chosen method for business communication.

Why is videoconferencing a game changer?

It saves money and time.
Videoconferencing helps cut down on non-essential business travel.  Not only are there the obvious expenses of flights, hotels and rental cars, but being away from the office can hurt productivity.  Teleconferencing is just as personal as a traditional meeting, but you can schedule it into your normal workday at the office—saving both time and money.

It facilitates team meetings and collaboration.
Strong teams are built on strong communications.  Making sure everyone involved in a project is kept in the loop means a business can run more efficiently.  Today, more than ever, with the increase of remote workers videoconferencing brings teams closer together to collaborate and share ideas.  Everyone on a team can see each other at all points during the discussion providing a true face-to-face meeting experience.  Cathy Coloff uses videoconferencing with like-minded industry compatriots.  This system identifies the speaker and positions them as the center square.  “I like the human element teleconferencing brings,” states Coloff, “but everyone must be on board to make it work to its fullest potential.”

It increases productivity with document sharing.
Many systems now offer document sharing between participants, keeping everyone on the same page and allowing for conference calls to be infinitely more productive.  Collaboration is a breeze and allows you to quickly develop and refine ideas, content, and design.

Videoconferencing is the next best thing to being there!  Let IT Radix help you choose the system that best meets your business needs.

First published in our September 2016 IT Radix Resource newsletter

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