image-property-managementIt is amazing how much can be accomplished by a few workers today thanks to computer technology and our connected society/workplace.  That is why a company like Universal Property Management is able to manage a host of properties in various locations from their headquarters in Morristown, NJ.  But sometimes all that technology and communication provides more frustration than productivity.  That is why they reached out to IT Radix recently.

We are pleased to welcome Universal Property Management to our growing list of happy clients.  With just a few computers and staff, their network, email and file storage/sharing was causing them headaches.  Chris, one of our service professionals, was able to help the team at Universal in a variety of ways from setting up two new computers, to removing over 80 malware threats on a single computer, to removing expired and unused software, to installing a new network switch to increase network speed, to fixing how all users share and sync files.  Within a few hours, the team at Universal was far more productive and back to servicing their customers more professionally.

They were very happy and even wrote a nice note back to us about Chris which included the following:  “He really was a joy to have in our office today and continually addressed us with such professionalism.”   If you would like to enjoy a similar experience, reach out to us anytime at 973-298-6908 or