image-404-errorMany, if not all of us, are far too familiar with that “ERROR 404” message that we sometimes get when surfing the web.  It is generated by the web hosting server when we attempt to follow a broken or dead link on a website.  The 404 error is one of the most recognizable errors users find on the web.  Essentially, it means what we are looking for cannot be found.

That got us to thinking what do we do with the Error 404s that we experience in real life?  And by real life, we mean life not in front of a screen beaming back light and information right into our eyes. The truth is, in this real life, many of us turn to someone when we cannot find that special thing for which we are looking.

When we were kids, Mom was the ultimate answer to our 404 problems.  To many of us, she still is today.  Seriously, Moms can find just about anything.  It is a special skill honed with time, experience and likely a lot of love.

But as we move forward through life and go through different experiences, it is funny how we always find someone to turn to when we get the real-life 404.  Think about it, in your office or work area, we bet each of you can immediately think of that one person to whom we always turn to when we cannot find things as unimportant as a stapler or paper clip or as important as our big sales presentation due in just minutes.  Those are special people—the 404 Saviors!

So, here’s to those who solve our 404 errors!  Be sure to thank that person today; it will make their day!