You’ve done ALL the things you need to do to prepare your business for winter weather:image-let-it-snow

  • Gotten rid of the leaves on the property and the roof
  • Cleared all drains to reduce possibilities of leaks
  • Arranged for snow plowing services for parking areas
  • Secured a snow thrower or shovels and a cache of ice melt to clear the sidewalks
  • Shut off all the outdoor faucets so no pipes freeze
  • Ensured that your fire system anti-freeze loops are serviced
  • Placed tall identifying markers adjacent to fire hydrants
  • Adjusted light timers inside and out to account for shorter daylight hours

BUT…have you done these things?

  • Planned for how staff will operate if access to the building is unavailable or if the power is out
  • Tested your remote access to your servers, data and email in advance
  • Made sure your servers are off the floor and secure
  • Ensured you have quality surge protectors with uninterruptible power supply batteries in place
  • Backed up all your data and made it available for your use remotely
  • Prepared a disaster recovery and/or business continuity plan and shared the appropriate pieces of the plan with your staff?

If you need help in any of these areas, give us a call. Our trained professionals want to help!