Many business leaders look at IT Support as a cost.  They can easily look at their P&L statement at the end of a month or a year and see the dollars spent in that area.    Unfortunately, the biggest cost of a computer network is not seen on any such business document and that is the cost of downtime.  We call that “hidden downtime.”

Benefit of good IT Support - No Downtime, Save TimeHere is a simple example:

At an average employee wage of $40,000 per year and two weeks’ vacation, an average employee makes $20 an hour. Said another way, each employee delivers $20 of value per hour.

If a slow computer or slow network or loss of email reduces a workday output just by 20 minutes a day (4% of a day), the weekly cost of hidden downtime is $33.

So the yearly cost is about $1650.  That is lost value to the business.

If you have just fifteen employees, that is about $25,000 per year.  And that is just “slow” time, not the cost of actual crashes and other issues which makes the costs of not having IT Support even larger.

Each client is different but a good estimate of IT Support dollar costs for an organization of fifteen peoples is about $1500 per month or just under $18,000 per year.

Conclusion:  IT Support doesn’t cost. It pays!