We know, “technology lessons for the federal government?” Who is kidding whom?

Well, we recently read an article from the 4-29-2014 edition of The New York Times headlined “Administration Begins Search for New Contractors to Run Health Care Site.” https://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/29/us/administration-begins-search-for-new-contractors-to-run-health-care-site.html?ref=todayspaper&_r=0

Regardless of one’s views of the legislation and/or the efficacy of the site, a quick read of the article indicates that the government is looking for a provider that can offer certain strengths and abilities. The federal government is looking for firms that can offer the following:

  • The ability to work well under aggressive time constraints.
  • The knowhow to quickly transition successful projects from small to larger scale.
  • Experience working with clients in delivering continuous improvements that expand capacity, enhance productivity, reduce error rates and improve response times.
  • The knowledge to successfully assess not only individual technological components but also to evaluate performance of the whole system, in aggregate and end-to-end.
  • The confidence to expose its work to rigorous pre-testing prior to any roll-out.

While the government is searching for a website provider, we think those items apply as well to any organization looking for IT and Computer support.   We know IT Radix can score well on all those measures.  Our clients tell us we do!  If your organization is in need of some advice or support when it comes to your technology or network, we would be happy to have the conversation.  Reach out for us anytime at 973-298-6908 or find us at www.it-radix.com