image_surge_suppressorIt’s early July and we’ve already had some pretty severe weather. One simple device can protect your computer, printer and other network equipment from unexpected power surges – yup, the lofty surge protector.

Circuit breakers offer some protection but they weren’t built to protect sensitive computer electronics. One strong surge can fry a motherboard and CPU in seconds. You need a quality surge suppressor designed to adequately protect your computer.

What you should look for in a surge protector? The 2 most important things are:

#1 Response time: How fast can the device react to a power surge? 10 nanoseconds or less is recommended. Any longer and you’re risking damaging your PC.

#2 Energy absorption and dissipation: You want it to absorb and dissipate at least 800 joules or more before it blows.

Another useful feature is a failure indicator light that tells you when the suppressor is fried. When it’s on, the surge suppressor can no longer protect your computer.

Want the ultimate protection against sudden power surges during an electrical storm? Simply unplug your computer and all computer equipment, telephone, and cable lines.

Need help choosing a quality surge protector, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help in choosing the right one for you.