Today is National Pie Day.   At IT Radix we try to eat our “PIES” every day, but today we’re enjoying some locally made apple, cherry and blueberry pies in honor of America’s pie heritage.

Now, if we ate real pie every day, our company health plan would be doomed.  What I’m referring to is a different kind of “PIES”.  For some clients, eating “PIES” can be wonderful and for others, it seems unnecessary. But we always find it pays to eat our “PIES”.  So, what “PIES” are we eating? PIES (technically P.I.E.S.) is an acronym for a testing process that we use to ensure our problem resolution is complete.   What do we test?  Printing, Internet, Email and Services or PIES.

Why take this extra time you ask?  On occasion, we’ll solve a problem, the client will tell us it’s fixed and will be anxious to simply get back to work. Then a short time later they realize that the problem affected other portions of their computer system that they were aware of and had not necessarily reported to us.  So, while they can open that file, they can’t print or send an email.  This can be particularly true with malware or virus situations.   It also is extremely important when a user is getting a new machine. Our years of experience in troubleshooting and resolving these types of issues has led us to consistently eat PIES before closing a case with a client.

So, if we ask you for your help with eating PIES, I hope you’ll understand because Patience in this Instance Ensures Success for both you and us! And who doesn’t enjoy the sweet taste of success?