For most remote workers the “now what?” is getting reliable Internet.
But who is going to pay for it? Who will fix it when it’s broken?Well, you are!!!  At least in most cases you are.
Let’s face it if you have an employer that is willing to let you work from home then the least you can do is get decent Internet service.  Most of today’s remote access technologies don’t require anything all that special but if you are still using DSL or (dare I say?) dial-ip it’s time to upgrade.
Cable and fiber optic options are plentiful and inexpensive.
But that is only part of the equation.  With that fancy new Internet typically comes some sort of home network, wireless router, firewall, switch, etc.  This is your responsibility as well.  If you are not comfortable configuring these things yourself then seek the help of a professional.  Your company’s IT department may be a good place to start but don’t expect them to support your home as an “extension” of the corporate network.  Remember this is your network, not your employer’s.   If this is not an option turn to friends and family (you would be amazed at how much of this stuff your own children can do).
Most of the big retail computer stores also offer home network setup as well.
I will also suggest making sure you are using a firewall and anti-virus on all the PC’s in your home.
If you really want to see your employer’s head explode wait until IT lets him know the virus that took the company file server down last week came from your child’s laptop.
Whatever you decide remember, as a remote worker the Internet is your responsibility.  Just like your car, it is up to you to make sure it is safe, reliable and can get you to work on time.
Welcome to the future.
 – Posted by Mike Oster