IT Radix recommends devoting several hours today to the care and nurture your computer.
While tomorrow is the traditional day for hearts and flowers, today is an excellent time to unclog the information arteries on your PC according to Kerry Gleeson. He is the founder of the Institute for Business Technology and the organization who created “It’s Clean Out Your Computer Day” in 2000.
Give your computer a little love and it will love you back.  These days, people are getting hundreds of e-mail messages. Instead of deleting them, they save them, file them or simply ignore them.  Here’s some simply tips to keep in mind when dealing with email:
  • Delete old e-mail messages immediately.
  • Save e-mails needed in electronic folders. 
  • Learn the email features on your system for maximum efficiency. 
  • Organize electronic and paper files similarly.
Let’s face it. For millions of us, our computer is one of our most important relationships.  So Spend a little time and give your PC a Valentine.