IT Radix is pleased to announce that Patrick Brennan has joined our team of technicians.  Formerly an IT Technician for Innovative Network Designs, Pat brings more than 15 years of IT support experience to the team.
Getting to Know Pat…
Favorite meal:  Lasagna
Favorite movie:  Rudy and Brian’s Song
What superpower you wish you had and why:  I wish I had the power to heal people!  Can you imagine no one feeling pain anymore and no doctor bills!!!!
Personal motto:  There is an answer to every issue…your job is to find it.
Experience and impression of IT Radix thus far:  There is a team feeling here.
Special skills:   Able to stay calm when just about any issue comes about.
Favorite website(s):  Yahoo, NFL, MLB, anything relating to sports
Favorite car:  Jag
Something you’d like to do in your lifetimePlay 3rd  base in the Bronx.  Craig Nettles was my childhood hero.  Growing up in the Bronx, I am a big Yankee fan!!! 
Favorite pastime:  Being with my three children (ages 10, 14 and 15) and coaching.  If I am not at work I am on a field or court with my children.  I am usually coaching baseball, softball, football and basketball.  Yes, I have also done some soccer and some lacrosse.
Welcome to the team, Pat!