“Be prepared” is the boy scout motto.  However, Hurricane Irene is upon us and perhaps you’re not as ready as you’d like. Here are 3 simple things you can do today to prepare your computer network for the upcoming storm.
Verify your Backups are Working Properly
If you’re a managed service client, IT Radix does this for you on a regular basis. But if you haven’t tested your backup lately; today is a good day to identify potential issues while there is still some time for us to address them, albeit limited time. If you’d like help with the backup test process, please call our office at 973-298-6908.
Verify all internal systems are prepped
Take a moment to verify that all of your computer systems (which may include machines outside of the server room, i.e. desktop computers) are plugged into a fully operational UPS (uninterruptable power supply). We are advising clients to leave servers powered on and let the UPS do its job of properly shutting down the servers in the event of a power failure. Why? There is the possibility that the power to your office will remain on, but the staff will be unable to return to the office on Monday. If this occurs, your staff could work remotely via VPN.
Don’t Panic
This is probably the most obvious step, but also the most difficult. When a storm approaches the media loves to hype the potential damage and focus on showing the cone of destruction (the projected path of storms). We encourage you to establish a communication plan for your staff and families so that information can be distributed efficiently and effectively. For updates on all the storms and tracking their movements we recommend following the National Hurricane Center.

If you have any questions on what needs to be done, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling at 973-298-6908 or emailing at
service at it-radix.com.