Portable Document Format or PDF files have become the preferred document interchange standard for all users regardless of the file type.  Late last year, Adobe launched CreatePDF, a cloud-based application that allows you to make PDF files online fast.  It requires that you upload a file or multiple files and with a single click you can create a PDF.  The service is $99.99/year.   You can read more about it here.Want to do more with your PDF file(s), then you can purchase a copy of Adobe Standard for $275 and you’d have the full Adobe Acrobat Standard product that includes features such as PDF commenting, converting from PDF back to Word or Excel or scanning to PDF.Just need to print the occasional file to PDF format?  Give some of the shareware or freeware programs such as CutePDF a try.

Implementing a document management system?  Ask if Adobe Acrobat is included.  Many of today’s solutions have bundled Adobe Acrobat software or an equivalent into the overall document management product.

Not sure what to select?  Give IT Radix a call, we’ll be happy to review your requirements and recommend a solution that fits your needs.