Ok, I’ve never been known as a “fashionista”; however, this caught my eye. Take a close look at her clutch….Do you see it? Just in case you missed it, I’m pointing out the HP logo. Yup, that pretty little clutch is actually an HP laptop.

HP and fashion designer Vivienne Tam teamed up to design this eye catching laptop that goes perfectly with her ensemble. Am I going to run out a buy one of these laptops? Probably not. But, I think it’s an interesting commentary on how technology is infiltrating our day-to-day environment. Do I currently need to carry a laptop with me everywhere? No, but my smart phone is a pretty close approximation to a laptop.

I use my smart phone to browse the web, keep track of all my personal and work contacts, maintain my work and personal schedule, view and edit work documents, play Texas Hold’em when I’ve got some down time, read email, take pictures of things I’m considering purchasing to show my husband or friends, listen to audio books or music, and much more. Oh yeah, I also use it to make phone calls. I’m not a gadget gal, unless it’s practical or useful. And a smart phone is definitely that.

Currently, I’m using an iPhone but it’s just the latest iteration of my smart phone of choice starting with a Palm Treo 650 four years ago, then moving to an AT&T 8525 Windows Mobile phone and now the iPhone. I’ve been known to say, “Without my iPhone, I feel naked”; which is why it seems only natural to me that fashion designers and hardware manufacturers are working together to design technology that is not only functional but visually appealing as well. What do you think? Has HP gone to far? What’s your prediction for the next combination of technology meets fashion?

Here’s a close-up of this beauty

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Source (Photos: Stuart Ramson)