Tech Myth #1 – Macs Don’t Get Viruses

For many years, Apple stated on its website that the Mac OS wasn’t susceptible to viruses like PCs.  However, In June, Apple updated its website and removed this claim due to ongoing virus attacks.  IT Radix has always recommended anti-virus software for Mac machines for two reasons:  (1) yes, they can get viruses, and (2) they could always be a carrier of viruses.

5 Quick and Easy Outlook tips

I'm always looking for ways to use my software, especially Outlook, more effectively.  Here's a few of my favorites:

Outlook Tip #1: Was an important message sent to the Junk E-mail folder? If an item gets moved to your Junk E-mail folder by mistake, select the message, and then press CTRL+ ALT+J.

Outlook Tip #2: Keep track of messages that require action.

GoDaddy is down, means no Go for some clients

GoDaddy DNS down
Around 1pm this afternoon, GoDaddy started experiencing issues with their DNS service. What is DNS and why do you care? DNS or domain name service is essentially the yellow pages of the Internet. If a computer wants to know how to go to a website or send a piece of email, it needs to look up the desired "phone number” (technically an IP address) to get there.

Welcome Charles to the IT Radix team!

We're pleased to officially welcome Charles Reid to the IT Radix team.  Charles comes to us from Rice Catholic HS and this past weekend successfully completed the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring exam.  Congratulations Charles!

At Rice, he was “the IT guy” and as a result, he has a variety of experience with desktops, servers, phone systems, teaching, and more.

Is your web browser steering you to spend more money?

So, Jessica forwarded this article to me about how Ortiz is presenting shoppers different results based on their web browser, in particular, if you’re using an Apple device.  The results are not only different but more costly.  Why?  Because by tracking their shoppers’ purchases, Orbitz was able to determine that Apple users tend to spend more per night on a hotel.

Let your search engine work for you

Do you Google all the time like we do? Don't like clicking the Next button to see the next 10 results?  You can bypass this limit by using Google's advanced search feature and increasing the number of results per page (choose between 10, 20, 30, 50, or 100 results per page).

Cut your search time in half!

Fair warning:  If you clear your browser cache, it will reset to the default 10 results per page.

What’s this "Surface" thing?

Microsoft has announced an interesting new product called the Surface and it will compete directly with the iPad.    Since she heard the news, Ashleigh has been asking for one. (What are you going to do, she’s a true techy!)

It’s obvious that Microsoft has been doing their homework.