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Attention! New Jersey Business Owners Facing Tough Budgeting Decisions We Have a Solution That Can Save Your Company $20,000 -$30,000 Immediately!

If your business is like many others in northern New Jersey, you’re taking a long, hard look at cutting expenses . . . any way you can. Even businesses that are doing well are just in case.

Entrepreneur magazine recently recommended outsourcing IT services to cut costs, and estimates that a business with 50 computers could save $25,000 annually with just this one step. Read the article below. The savings can be even higher for smaller companies!


Revamp Your IT for Serious Savings! With just a few tweaks, you can save a bundle on IT costs.

By Tiffany Meyers | Entrepreneur Magazine – May 2009

Still buying cheap coffee to cut costs? That’ll leave you with some pocket change and a bad taste in your mouth. A better bet: Revamp your IT system for serious savings. Just how serious? We asked Dudley Wells, senior partner of managed service provider GO Technology Management. For each of several IT tweaks he suggests, Wells offers his estimate on annual savings for a company with 50 employees/computers.

If You ... You’ll Save ... Because ...
Outsource your IT services $25,000 A full-time IT employee earns an average annual salary of $60,000. Outsourcing IT will cost $35,000.
Off-lease your 50 computers $25,000 A new Dell desktop with all the fixings (4GB RAM, 500GB HD, 19-inch flat screen, three-year warranty) will set you back $1,100. Off-lease the same computer for $600.
Use open-source software $18,950 If you buy Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 for 50 computers, you’ll get a discounted bulk rate of $379 per license. With Sun OpenOffice, you’ll get a discounted rate of free.
Switch to VoIP $21,400 To set up and service an analog phone system, you’ll pay $39,000. Go the way of VoIP and spend $17,600—from the initial investment to the system’s service.
Use remote online backup $2,400 Tape backup, an analog process used to back up data, comes to at least $3,000 annually, including the cost of tapes and a monthly off-site rotation service. You’ll pay $600 for online backup (estimate based on 50GB of data for a year).
Opt for electronic faxing $1,060 An analog fax line and supplies—plus the $100 machine—totals about $1,300. A year of e-faxing is $240.

Six Ways Outsourced IT Makes Sense (and Dollars!)

  1. Cost savings. Right out of the gate, hiring an outsourced team can easily save $30,000 annually versus the salary of an experienced IT professional. Figure in the cost of ongoing training and benefits, and the annual savings can be much, much more.
  2. Support on your schedule. With support just a web click, email, or phone call away, partnering with a dedicated IT outsourcing team can give even better access than you’re used to from your overworked internal computer guy.
  3. No downtime. An outsourced team is not going to go on vacation or need sick time. Someone is always available when you need support.
  4. Up-to-date expertise. Technology changes rapidly, and training an employee to keep up with the changes can be prohibitively expensive. With outsourced computer support, the provider absorbs the ongoing training costs, saving you money while providing a higher level of expertise.
  5. Deeper well of knowledge and experience. Just as two heads are better than one, having a highly-trained, certified team working on your systems provides a depth of skill that is nearly impossible to match with a single in-house technician.
  6. Continuity of knowledge. It is the rare employee that works for the same company their entire career. When an internal IT person leaves, they take all of their accumulated knowledge of your network components and configurations with them. Having an outsourced team eliminates this problem because all systems are fully documented, and the documentation belongs to your company. Work continues without interruption despite personnel changes, and your business retains that valuable knowledge.

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