10-Minute Mastery:

How to Avoid a Day of Downtime for Manufacturers and Distributors

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We hope you’ll join us for our next 10-Minute Mastery: How to Avoid a Day of Downtime. This is a very important webinar for all New Jersey-based manufacturers and distributors!

Have you ever experienced a period of downtime–when your network is down and all work comes to a grinding halt?  No production, no labeling, no incoming orders, no shipping–all means lost revenue. Have you ever stopped to calculate what it actually costs you by the hour?  Well, we have!

Join us as we discuss your risks, best practices and specific steps required to be prepared in the event of a disaster. We’ll discuss solutions available today to quickly get your lines and business back up and running and the trucks on the road. Our team is here to make sure you never have to experience extended downtime, data loss or corruption–and never need to hang a “Sorry, We’re Closed” for business sign on your front door.

Watch and Learn from the comfort of your own office on Thursday, May 17 from 12:10pm to 12:20pm as we present… “How to Avoid a Day of Downtime.”

We will start at 12:10pm sharp. This is a 10-minute presentation, so please join the webinar early.

To register, please RSVP by May 15th by completing the form on the left. If you have any questions, reach out to Paula Stone at 973-298-6908 x809 or email us.

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