Evolution of Video Gaming Controllers

Reach back in your memory—prior to VR headsets, long before debates of PlayStation vs. XBox. The year was 1977, and looking back at the Atari 2600—arguably the forefather of modern video game systems—the only peripheral that connected you to the action on your television screen was a small black joystick embellished with a single red button.

How Gaming Technology Has Changed

There has been a plethora of evolutionary modifications to that original controller design throughout the years. Most manufacturers started with a base to cradle comfortably between two hands, housing a basic directional pad and assortment of buttons. Over time, buttons were added and small joysticks complemented the standard directional pad. Before long, we had motion-sensing technology, portable gaming, and Virtual Reality… finally making it possible for us to feel truly immersed in the games we play.

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First published in our September 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter