If you like to read, you may have a home library.  All good librarians have one thing in common…an organized index.  Confession time!  How many of you manage your computer and online passwords in any of the following ways:

  • Use the same/similar password for everything
  • Keep all your passwords written on a slip of paper
  • Change your password by incrementing the number by 1
  • Keep a spreadsheet with all your passwords on your desktop

We see it all the time and have heard every reason you can think of as to why it’s “fine.”  The most common of which is, “I don’t have any data a hacker would want.”  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Have you ever thought about what a hacker could do with just your email password?  With just access to your email, a hacker only needs to click the “I forgot my password” button for any of your accounts and will instantly have the keys to the kingdom.

It’s time to “Up” your password game with a reputable password manager

The truth is… you really need to up your password game.  The password for each and every system you log into needs to be unique and complex.  And, most importantly, your passwords need to be out of view from prying eyes.

This is where a good password manager comes in.  It gives you the ability to securely store all those complex passwords in an easy-to-manage vault, eliminating the need for you to remember them.  Of course, you will secure the vault with a complex password of its own and then layer Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on top of that—keeping your passwords safe and secure.

Increase your online security by getting a subscription to a reputable password manager.

Not sure how to start?  Contact IT Radix…we are happy to assist.

First published in our January 2021 IT Radix Resource newsletter